In 1984, at the age of 16 years old Tito Gonzalez was arrested and a year later sentenced to three life sentences in the Florida prison system. On May 29 th , 1984 Tito surrendered his life to Jesus as Savior and Lord. Standing on a promise from Psalm 91:14-16 for the next three decades he abandoned himself to the study of God’s word and graduated from
RHEMA Bible Correspondence School and earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oral Robert’s University while incarcerated. The Florida Parole Commission denied Tito release twice and set his release date at 2069.
In June of 2016 a Florida law was passed that allowed any juvenile sentenced to a life in prison to be resentenced and given a “meaningful opportunity” to live in society. On July 17, 2017 Tito was released. A week later he’d meet his wife, Leesa Roberts and marry on October 27th, 2017.
Two years later “Justice Roars Ministries” was launched. Their mission is to bring to hope to the most hopeless of situations, the light of God’s Glory to the darkest of all places and to lavish the love of the Father to an orphaned planet.
Justice Roars Ministries is called to roar out the Love, Justice and Righteousness of God the Father to a generation in need of a demonstration of God’s power, love and hope today.



Gave her life to Christ at the age of five and received the call of full time ministry as an Evangelist at the age of 18. Leesa has served in the Body of Christ for the past 32 years including Youth, Associate, Children’s and Worship Pastor. She has written and composed over 30 songs utilized in the local body.
Recently, in 2017, she married Titus Gonzalez, and was ordained with him as they launched “Justice Roars Ministries” Currently, she is traveling with Titus as they co-teach and minister in music. They are also holding
meetings weekly in their home for marriages to be restored as well as discipling young women. Leesa is extremely passionate about seeing the lost come to the knowledge of God’s love and their purpose recognized. She takes every opportunity to help solidify new believer’s identity and know how they connect and flow as the Body of Christ in the Earth. Her motto is “Anyone who has joined themselves unto the Lord is one with Christ, therefore, “We are One with each other in the Spirit of the Anointed One.”

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Justice Roars Ministries has several outreaches. They are currently corresponding with 20 inmates,
providing financial support, mentorship, and advocacy on their behalf. They also go behind the prison
walls to preach the gospel, share testimonies and minister in song. On many occasions men and women
give their hearts to Christ, while being ministered to by the power of the Holy Spirit with words of
knowledge, prophecy and healing.
They also perform marriage ceremonies, baptisms for new believers, teach in home marriage classes, hold
marriage retreats, one on one counseling, and help inmates acclimate once released into society.
Recently they accepted an invite to speak on television, minister in song, and also teach in the local
church and abroad. You may contact them at thomas@3hughes.net also via Facebook Justice Roars